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There's no reason to waste time hunting for the prices on hotels in Ireland across a bunch of different websites when you can do it all with one click. You might think you're being a really clever consumer, but all you're doing is wasting your valuable time. Instead, use our Ireland hotels search tool - it lets you check the prices for hotels in Ireland on several different hotel websites easily and quickly, without spending all your free time doing it.

There are hundreds of Ireland hotels to choose from, but we make searching easy. Our search tool in the blue box above will allow you to finish the bookings for your Ireland hotels with an easy process - and then you can get back to the more fun parts of vacation planning, like figuring out what you'll see and do when you're there.

Here's how our hotels search box works:

  1. Choose a city from the drop-down menu in the blue box above, and choose the dates you'd like to stay in a hotel in that city.

  2. Click the "Search" button.

  3. A small window comes up asking you to verify how many guests will be staying in the hotel, how many rooms you want to reserve, and - most importantly - which websites you want to check for cost comparison purposes. Check as many boxes as there are websites you want to look at, then click "Search Deals."

  4. A new window will open for each of the websites you checked off as wanting to look at, so you can easily click between each one to compare prices, all without losing your original place on the Ireland Logue website.

  5. When you find the hotel you want to book, you just continue on through the booking process for that website in its new window, and you're done!

And that's just how easy it is. There's no more need to plug the same travel itinerary into five different websites as you wait for five different pieces of information - just do it once, and let us do the work for you. This is the easiest way to check the prices on Ireland hotels quickly, while still getting several different prices for cost comparison purposes.

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